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Hi, I'm Carlos

NYU Certified Life, Dating & Relationship Coach

I’m a Human Connection Specialist – an emotional translator, writer, speaker, and coach. My clients range from businesses and leaders to couples and individuals. 


I help people who are single, dating, and those in relationships become better versions of themselves while at the same time improving their relationships or even supporting them through healthy breakups. I have perfected this by taking what you think you want, finding out what you really want, and giving you the tools to achieve your goals.


I’ve been in relationships that were easy. I’ve also been in relationships where all we did was argue (about everything). Then, there were those relationships where it was an equal balance and seemed like we would be together forever… until we weren’t. 


I had always wondered what separates people with amazing relationships from those who were just average. It’s the culmination of the great relationships and the worst relationships. Everything in between gives me the many years of personal experience and my training as a Dating & Relationship Coach that makes me the best person to Coach others who are going through these cycles. 


It was in visualizing this pattern that I finally met myself. I realized that I knew nothing. I woke up because until I mastered my emotional patterns and the command of communication, my romantic relationships and abilities as a leader would always be limited until I understood my true self.


Have you ever actually met your true self? Want to have better dating skills? Or better yet, want a relationship worth keeping? Don’t wait for another life catastrophe.


Let’s Connect. I can’t wait to meet you!



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